Beverly R. Tarr, LLB

Certified Divorce Mediator

Chicago, IL


World Mediation Summit; Madrid, Spain, Speaker:  
"World Recognition as a Profession" 

​Northwestern University Law Faculty, Guest Speaker:
"Adapting to New Legislation"

World Mediation Organization; Germany, Speaker: 
"Professionalism in Mediation"​ 

The Hellenic Mediation Society (ELPIDIA); Greece, Speaker: 
"The Next Step"

Northwestern University Law Faculty, Guest Speaker:
"Modern Mediation 2015"

Chicago Law Bulletin, Vol 161, No. 27, Monday, February 9, 2015
Interview: ​"Modern Mediation: A respectful process focusing on the full picture."
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World Mediation Summit; Madrid, Spain, Speaker:  
"Two-day Attorney Assisted Mediation Model" 

Northwestern University Law Faculty, Guest Speaker:
"Crisis Management - Reaching a Resolution During a Time of Intense Conflict" ​

Divorce University, Moderator:
​"Survival Tools for Parents Helping Children Through Divorce" 

Think Tank, Presenter:
​"Lawyer Assisted Mediation"

Illinois State Bar Association, Guest Speaker:
​"Successful Family Mediation"

Divorce University,
Legal Panelist:
"The Law, Your Finances, Your Family"

Northwestern University Law Faculty, Guest Speaker:
​"Strategies on How to Resolve Conflict in Divorce Mediation"

National Annual Association of Attorney-Mediators Conference, Keynote Speaker: 
"Emotional Intelligence"

Legal Education Dialogue and Discussion Ltd (LEDDED), Guest Speaker:

"The Best Interests of the Children"

Northwestern University Law Faculty, Guest Speaker:
"Resolving Issues in High Conflict Divorce. Why is this Different to Other Types of Mediation?"

Guest Speaker on Law Talk Radio - Addressing Passive Aggressive Behavior in Mediation.
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Divorce University, Legal Panelist:
​"The Law, Your Finances, Your Family"

Legal Education Dialogue and Discussion Ltd (LEDDED), Guest Speaker:
"The Attorney's Role in Mediation or the Culture of Mediation"

The Association of Attorney-Mediators (AAM), Guest Speaker:
"How to Mediate Successfully"

The Association for Confliction Resolution (ACR) - Chicago Chapter, Guest Speaker:
"The Growth of Mediation - How Does the Profession Adapt?"

Judicial Arbitration and Mediation Services (JAMS), Guest Speaker:
"The Role of the Attorney"

Moderator for seminar; "All About the Children"

Trainer of mediators for the National Association of Realtors (NAR)

Chicago Divorce Seminar, Guest Speaker:
​"Leaving a Long Term Marriage"

Certified as a trainer of mediators on behalf of CCR.
Train mediators on an annual basis.

Appeared in Chicago magazine – August issue:
"Divorce: It’s Ex-Pensive"

Awarded an Elite Award for Outstanding Dedication and Exemplary Performance from
the Center of Conflict Resolution

Finalist for the CEDR Awards for Excellence in Alternative Dispute Resolution

CCR Certified Mediator, Center for Conflict Resolution - Chicago, IL

Member of the Illinois Bar Association

CEDR Accredited Mediator (Center for Effective Dispute Resolution) – CEDR, London, UK

Barrister (trial attorney) in the UK.
Member of the Chambers of Philip Singer QC, 2 Pump Court, Temple, London, UK

Called to the Bar

1994 – 1995:
Council for Legal Education (CLE) London, UK. Qualified in the top 10%

Awarded Scholarship for Bar School

1991 – 1994:
Law degree (LLB) – Obtained First in dissertation